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Marcus Rouse

  • Created By : Marcus Rouse
  • Created Date : 2021-08-10 08:55:01
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Fixing Facebook's Spam, Stolen Content and Privacy Concerns

Facebook is one of the biggest online companies today and they are not trying hard enough to make their online company safe and enjoyable for its users. Some of the biggest and most easily fixed problems on Facebook are frequent spam, stolen content and privacy concerns. Facebook and the offenders using it keep getting get away with these things all because it makes them more money due to ad revenue.

Marcus Rouse

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Spam, something Facebook is full of is seen everywhere on people’s feeds you will see posts like “Like and Share = 1 prayer for this poor child”, things like this are just trying to trick users into giving it free promotion. Things like this should be filtered out, removed and have penalty’s to stop culprits from doing it again.

Stolen content. Some of the top pages on Facebook steal videos and content from other websites like YouTube. Videos uploaded on YouTube go through a Content ID Check, this is where the video is automatically searched for any copyright content. On Facebook, this isn't the same, videos are uploaded and go through no check. If the user puts ads on the video both the user and Facebook make money. Facebook rarely takes down stolen content and even when they do, the user keeps the ad revenue and so does Facebook. The user is also let off lightly and most likely just does it again. But there is a more serious concern that Facebook needs to attend to.

Privacy, something we all want to have. Facebook is watching you, and what you do, they watch your searches, use your personal information and some people have had suspicions about their microphone audio being recorded without permission. These are all things that benefit Facebook by helping them serve different ads based on what you talk about and look at, all this information is saved by Facebook. I think that Facebook forgets that we are people and not just money making machines, we need to know what data is being stored about us and we need the option to stop it being recorded as well as knowing what our data is used for.

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